[Podcast] Episode 101: Michael Turner on What It Truly Means to Flourish


In this episode, we sit down with Michael Turner to chat about his book, Flourish, the journey that led him to write it, the lessons contained in this amazing volume, and so much more. You’ll be challenged to expand your understanding of a truly fulfilled life, inspired to find fulfillment in serving others and becoming healthier yourself, and exhorted to draw closer to God than ever!

0:00: Introduction with Michael Turner

2:30: The Inspiration behind Flourish

7:00: What Does it Mean to Flourish?

10:00: The Three Sections of the Book

13:30: Why “We” is Better Than “Me”

19:30: The Real “F” Word

24:30: A Special Offer from AVAIL

27:00: About the Masterclass

30:30: When We Don’t Trust God

34:30: A Huge Principle for Leaders

39:00: The Purpose of God

42:30: More Resources from AVAIL

46:00: Final Thoughts

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