[Podcast] Episode 103: Shawn Lovejoy on Building a Killer Team

podcast shawn lovejoy Jun 21, 2022


In this episode, we sit down with Pastor, founder, author, and leader Shawn Lovejoy to discuss his new book, Building a Killer Team! Join us as we unpack the challenges and rewards of teambuilding, the essential nature of meetings, and why you need to be building a team that will outlast you!

0:00: Introduction with Shawn Lovejoy

3:30: The Inspiration behind Building a Killer Team

7:00: The Target Audience for the Book

9:00: What is a Killer Team?

12:30: The Essential Nature of Meetings

18:00: Values-Driven Leaders

22:00: A Special Offer from AVAIL

25:30: Recruitment and Development

32:00: Tendencies that Sabotage Our Teambuilding

37:30: Rapid-Fire Questions

45:00: Final Thoughts

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