[Podcast] Episode 119: Mike Clarensau on Living a Spirit-Empowered Life

mike clarensau podcast Nov 15, 2022

In this episode, Mike Clarensau shares about his new book, A Spirit-Empowered Life. What does a Spirit-empowered life look like? How can we know we’ve stepped into living this way? What are the benefits of surrendering to the Spirit as a leader? Unpack the truths of this principle with us today!

0:00: Introduction with Mike Clarensau

3:30: A Spirit-Empowered Life: The Inspiration behind the Book

5:30: What Does a Spirit-Empowered Life Look Like?

6:30: The Four Sections of the Book

9:00: Things that Inhibit Us

12:00: A Word to Pastors

21:00: Practical Next Steps

23:00: Subject to Change: About the Book

31:00: Connect with Mike + Buy His Books

33:30: Final Thoughts

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