[Podcast] Episode 176: From Quakes to Unity in Christ with Michael Pitts

podcast Jan 09, 2024

You can’t build a new house on an old foundation—as the ground begins to crack, the church begins to sink! On today’s episode of the AVAIL podcast, we're joined by Pastor Michael Pitts, who shares his profound insights on how an effective leader will shift as their values shift, welcome the lost rather than ignore them, and model love to usher in reconciliation in the church.

00:00 Introduction with Pastor Michael Pitts

3:53 Behind the Heart of new book Fault Lines

5:36 Unpacking the “Life Quake”

8:23 Common Causes of Life Quakes for Pastors and Ministry Leaders

12:04 Helping Prodigals

17:44 Pastor Michael’s Gravitation Toward the Prodigal

21:18 Differences Between Restoration and Reconciliation

24:14 Practical Tips for New Leaders to Raise Up a Church of Reconciliation

27:27 Lessons Learned as a Young Ministry Leader

31:22 How to Connect with Pastor Michael and Where to Find Fault Lines

32:17 Lightning Round with Pastor Michael

34:44 AVAIL Journal

35:14 Final Thoughts/Encouragement

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