[Podcast] Episode 197: Deisensus Leadership with Dr. Ron Crum

podcast Jun 04, 2024

Leader-led decisions get us into trouble, but Holy Spirit-led decisions—or Deisensus-led leadership—always make us to prosper. We are joined by Dr. Ron Crum on today’s episode of the AVAIL podcast, a long-time pastor and ministry leader who has learned the consequences of man-led decision-making and the life-changing shift of allowing the Holy Spirit to go ahead of you. Inspired from Acts 15:28, “It seemed good to the Holy Spirit and to us,” Dr. Crum’s message is clear: God’s will is made known when our decisions are informed by Scripture and the guidance of the Holy Spirit!

00:00 Introducing Dr. Ron Crum

5:18 Heart behind new book Deisensus Leadership

16:24 Success story from Deisensus leadership

25:44 Challenges of Deisensus-led decision-making

34:05 Tagline for decision-making

35:50 Where to get Deisnsus Leadership and connect with Dr. Crum

37:36 Final word of wisdom

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