[Podcast] Episode 60: Leadership Success vs. Spiritual Growth: A Conversation with Christine Caine

In today’s episode of the AVAIL Podcast, we’re sitting down with Christine Caine. Originally from Australia, Christine is an author, speaker, and activist with a passion for ridding the world of human trafficking – which she works on through the organization she co-founded with her husband, The A21 Campaign. Today, she’ll touch on her career, her experiences, and delve into her upcoming book, How Did I Get Here?

[0:00-4:32]: Introduction/Meet Christine Caine

[4:32-9:30]: Behind the Vision of The A21 Campaign

[9:30-19:05]: Overcoming Obstacles in the Pursuit of God’s Calling

[19:05-22:52]: Stories of How God has Moved in Christine’s Journey

[22:52-28:00]: Inside Christine’s New Book: How Did I Get Here

[28:00-31:05]: Leadership Success vs. Spiritual Growth

[31:05-35:45]: Faith Challenges Leaders Commonly Face and How to Overcome Them

[35:45-38:38]: Staying Focused on Your Reach and Responsibilities

[38:38-40:04]: Advice to Those Wanting to Make a Difference

[40:04-40:50]: A21.org – Get Connected and Involved

[40:50-41:40]: Common Misinterpretation of the Reality of Human Trafficking

[41:40-42:06]: Connect with Christine Caine – christinecaine.com

[42:06-43:39]: A Great Revival?

[43:39-45:29]: The AVAIL Journal Offer

[45:29-47:41]: Closing Thoughts and Reminders

[47:41-48:28]: Outro 


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