[Podcast] Episode 84: Dale O’Shields on Restoring Your Soul and Walking in Freedom

In this episode, we’ll sit down with Dale O’Shields and discuss his book, Steps to Freedom. Learn key truths about longevity in leadership, how to pour into the generations behind you, insights from Dale’s background in counseling, and so much more. This is the perfect episode to help you kick off the second month of 2022, so lean in and be encouraged!

0:00: Introduction with Dale O’Shields

3:30: The Heart Behind Steps to Freedom

7:30: The Dangers of Leading on Empty

11:30: Practical Steps for Hurting Leaders

15:00: The Importance of Empathy and Authenticitiy

18:00: Leadership Longevity

20:00: What’s Easier and What’s Harder?

25:00: Why Not Everyone Makes It

28:00: Accountability Requires Trust

31:00: Family Over Church

32:00: Equipping and Encouraging the Next Generation

35:00: Insights for Young Pastors without a Mentor

38:00: Rapid-Fire Questions

41:00: How to Connect with Dale 

43:30: Concluding Thoughts

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