[Podcast] Episode 14: How to Influence Culture During Times of Disruption: A Conversation with Kendra Momon

In this episode, we’ll join Dr. Kendra Momon in a discussion about influencing culture. The reality is, no matter what leadership capacity we serve in, we have the power to change the atmosphere of our teams and communities. Especially during times of disruption, we have opportunities to create cultures of encouragement, life, and creativity–– it all stems out of being as leading.

[0:04––6:17]: Introduction/Meet Kendra Momon

[6:18––9:39]: How Being as Leading Came to Be

[9:40––11:54]: Discovering Your Unique Identity

[11:55––12:54]: The Writing Process

[12:55––16:32]: Balancing Honesty and Optimism on Teams

[16:33––19:13]: The Lost Art of Humility

[19:14––20:59]: Titling the Book: Being as Leading

[21:00––23:16]: The Relationship between Faith and Work

[23:17––25:47]: Advice for Both Aspiring and Experienced Leaders

[25:48––27:43]: Stepping into Leadership at 16

[27:44––30:12]: Advice for Women Leaders on Maximizing Their Potential

[30:13––30:56]: Personality Tests and Personal Insights

[30:57––34:23]: Rewards of Being a Leader of Leaders

[34:24––36:33]: The Target Audience for Being as Leading

[36:34––40:18]: How to Get a FREE Copy of Being as Leading––Plus Other Offers!

[40:19––43:25]: Advice for Mid-Level Leaders

[43:26––43:51]: More Information on Being as Leading

[43:52––46:33]: Encouraging Resource Recommendations from Dr. Momon

[46:34––51:44]: Offers from AVAIL

[51:45––55:04]: Conclusion


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This podcast was featuring Dr. Kendra Momon



Dr. Kendra Momon is a professor of politics at Oglethorpe University in Atlanta, Georgia, as well as Chair of the Division of Politics, History, and International Studies. She serves as the assistant lead pastor of Victory Midtown alongside her husband, Pastor Andrew L. Momon, Jr. Dr. Kendra is an author, speaker, and commentator for many news media outlets.



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