[Podcast] Episode 21: Leadership Breakthrough: A Conversation with Jeff Scott Smith

Join us this podcast for an insightful discussion with Jeff Scott Smith that will greatly benefit any leader in their journey. Jeff will share the leadership wisdom he has acquired in his journey, and go over his book, Breakthrough is in You: Conquering 5 fears that keep you from advancing, in which he details how to overcome fear, have a breakthrough, and be successful! Leaders, tune in for this can’t-miss discussion with Jeff Scott Smith!

[0:0-6:20]: Introduction/ Meeting Jeff Scott Smith

[6:20-30:00]:Discussing Jeff Scott Smith’s book: Breakthrough is in You: Conquering 5 fears that keep you from advancing

[30:00-32:50]: Discussing Expand program/book

[32:50-38:12]: Removing the toxic aspects of your organization

[38:12-40:15]: Expand Special Offers

[40:15-43:45]: Jeff’s 2020 experience and encouragement

[43:45-45:25]: Connect with Jeff Scott Smith

[45:25-47:20]: Claiming your AVAIL Leadership Journal free annual subscription

[47:20-49:53]: Closing Thoughts


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This podcast was featuring Jeff Smith



Pastor Smith received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Finance from Bowling Green State University and a Masters in Organizational Leadership from Regent University. Pastor Smith has a passion for helping pastors and leaders push their vision forward. As president of JSS Consulting Inc., he helps today’s leaders reach new heights in ministry. His extensive corporate and ministry background has made him uniquely qualified to assist pastors and leaders in reaching their next level. After years of working with pastors and leaders he has developed keen insight in the areas of strategic planning, leadership development, systems implementation and enhancing staff productivity. He is sought after internationally for his expertise in consulting leaders and helping them realize their untapped potential.


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