[Podcast] Episode 38: Leading Together: A conversation with Virgil and Gislaine Sierra

In this episode, Virgil and Gislaine Sierra discuss their experience leading together! They'll elaborate on how a couple can lead together effectively – going into detail about mindset, strategies, challenges, and communication!

[0:00-7:41]: Introduction/Meet Gislaine and Virgil Sierra

[7:41-9:57]: Marriage and Ministry

[9:57-12:04]: Leading Authentically

[12:04-19:15]: Blessings and Benefits of Leading Together

[19:15-26:05]: Tension: Healthy or Harmful?

[26:05-31:04]: Changing Roles

[31:04-50:56]: Recommendations for Success in Leading Together

[50:56-51:58]: AVAIL Journal Offer

[51:58-55:45]: Closing Thoughts/Outro


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This podcast was featuring Gislaine Sierra



Virgil and Gislaine Sierra work together to lead Vertical Church, whose original pastor was Virgil's father! Together, they aim to point people vertically to God and are excited for the plans God has for Vertical Church. Virgil and Gislaine Sierra are also the proud parents of their three kids: Caleb, Sophia, and Nicholas.



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