[Podcast] Episode 30: Next Level Leading

In today’s episode, we’re sitting down with Courtney McBath! Courtney serves as Bishop and provides extensive leadership training through his organization, Calvary Leadership Network. We’ll be discussing his book, Living at the Next Level: Leader’s Edition, and dissecting how you can take your leadership to the next level!

[0:00-8:00]: Introduction/Meet Courtney McBath

[8:00-12:48]: The Inspiration and Story Behind Living at the Next Level: Leaders Edition

[12:48-19:44]: Living/Staying at the Next Level

[19:44-27:12]: Friendship with God and Seasons of Limitation

[27:12-30:48]: God Uses Our Circumstances

[30:48-37:03]: Building Stamina

[37:03-42:30]: Overcoming Hopelessness

[42:30-48:08]: Overcoming Limitations

[48:08-54:05]: Getting the Book, Live Offers/Promos

[54:05-58:17]: Escaping Comfort Zones

[58:17-1:02:53]: The AVAIL Journal

[1:02:53-1:08:38]: Age isn’t a Limitation/Closing Thoughts


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This podcast was featuring Courtney McBath



Courtney McBath is the Senior Founding Pastor of Calvary Revival Church (CRC) in Norfolk, Virginia. He also serves as the leader and founder of Calvary Leadership Network, a group of pastors and leaders serving the church globally. He is a teacher, mentor, coach and a global pastor.


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