Purpose and People

blog May 25, 2023


By Sam Chand

Your life is full of purpose.

All of us have purpose. It looks different for each one of us, depending on what our callings, gifts, and talents are. It depends where we live, what our situation is, who the people that we know are, and what we’ve been called upon to do or be.

Your purpose might be to encourage somebody, to be the CEO of a company, or to raise good kids in your home as a homemaker. Your purpose might be to be a financial wizard. An inventor. An educator. An astronaut. A lawyer. An economist. An artist. A nurse. An engineer. A social worker. A zookeeper. A scientist. A chef. A teacher. An investor. A pastor. Any number of purposes can emerge for your life.

Here’s another beautiful thing: we can each have multiple purposes throughout our individual lives. While one decade of your life may be devoted to business, the next is devoted to childrearing. One season may be for building your personal brand; the next may be seeking out proteges to mentor as they’re doing the same. One year may see you navigating marriage while the next may bring a dive into parenthood. No matter what your purpose is in any given season, the purpose you’re walking in right now has to do with the people around you.

Your purpose attracts your people. I create leadership content to influence influencers. That’s my purpose. And as soon as I got clear about that, people started coming into my life. They are the people who coach me and the people I coach. They are the leaders I need to learn from and the leaders who are learning from me. They are influencers who need help and influencers who have help to offer to me in return. Sometimes, these two groups overlap, as well! It’s a beautiful thing to see, and we need to recognize it when it starts happening. If not, we’ll miss some of these key relationships because we won’t be looking for them. Who knows how many chances to meet wonderful people and do amazing things together each of us has forfeited simply because we weren’t aware of those in our lives?

As soon as you get clear about your purpose, people will start appearing. And when people appear, they are providential in your life. Be thankful for, embrace, and learn from them. Make the most of these relationships. You may not understand everything about why certain people are emerging in your life, but keep reminding yourself: My purpose attracts the right people. Then, go out, and form bonds with them. They very well might be lifelong friends and partners!

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