Realistic and Sustainable Growth

Some of us are more than a little impatient with the pace of our growth. I've learned to set major growth goals each quarter in no more than two key roles. Although I know I need to grow in every role, I focus on the two that I think will double my effectiveness. It's the way of wisdom to identify one meaningful goal in each area, work hard to accomplish it, make it a regular part of our lives, and then move on to the next one. That's the way to make real progress.

One of the most important steps I've ever taken is to enlist some wonderful people to be on my personal growth team. These people have encouraged me, clarified my direction, challenged me to excel, and supported me through thick and thin.

One of the greatest gifts you can give to key influencers is to help them develop a growth plan and growth team. You may want to gather two or three of your top leaders and explain what you've been doing to accelerate your personal growth in several areas and ask them to do the same.

Some of your key influencers are probably gifted planners, so they'll thrive on answering these questions and helping you come up with a workable plan. Here are a few questions to get your personal growth plan started:

  1. What are your most important roles?
  2. Make an honest assessment of your strengths and needs in each of these roles.
  3. What is one specific goal you want to pursue in each one?
  4. Whom do you need on your personal growth team?
  5. In your work, what are the biggest issues that need attention to facilitate growth of your team and organization?
  6. Whom do you need on your corporate growth team?
  7. What difference will it make to have this plan and this team?

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