Six Combinations for Wealthy Living

keith johnson wealth Aug 13, 2020

     Ever wonder why your personal, professional, and pastoral vision hasn’t come to pass? Do you feel like God has called you to make a difference in the earth but feel stuck where you are with limited time, support, and finances? In my 15 years of coaching leaders and achievers, one roadblock has stalled many dreams—a lack of resources. 

     This lack usually centers on money, but it can also be a lack of quality people, excellent facilities, high-exposure properties, world-class training programs, or media equipment. 

     Many gurus preach a single golden key to wealth. My friend, nothing could be further from the truth. Wealth is actually a combination—a holistic approach to maximizing potential in six primary areas.

     So how do we get from where we are to where we want to go? The answer isn’t to shrink the target but to think bigger. Never let the size of your wallet determine the size of your dream, because the size of your vision determines the level of your provision. 

     In my best-selling book, Confidence for Living Wealthy, I’ve identified Six Wealth Combinations that unlock God’s unlimited resources for our lives:

     Spiritual—God is your “secret sauce” in living wealthy. Your spirituality is either the fuel that sparks the fire of your wealth or the water cannon that extinguishes the flame.

     Mental—What you picture in your mind becomes reality over time. That’s why your mind is your greatest asset. Your God-like power is locked inside your imagination. As a child of God, you are most like your Father when you are creating.

     Physical—Your body needs to function at peak performance in order to achieve your dreams. The bigger the dream, the more energy you will need to fulfill it! Remember, dead people can’t change the world.

     Relational—Relationships are your shortcut to success. When God wants to bless you, He brings the right people into your life. When the enemy wants to destroy you, he brings the wrong ones. Discernment determines the difference.

     Professional—There is only one word that gains influence and impact in the marketplace—success. We gain influence in the church by being spiritual. However, we gain influence in the marketplace by being successful.

     Financial—Money is the reward for adding value and solving problems. The bigger the problem you solve, the bigger the reward. But understanding how to create, keep, multiply, and distribute your wealth is the only way to achieve your God-sized vision.

     Leaders need a right understanding of wealth within their organizations. You can learn how to master the Six Wealth Combinations! My book, Confidence for Living Wealthy, will help you.  


This article was extracted from Issue 2 (Summer 2020) of the AVAIL Journal. Claim your free annual subscription here.



This article was written by Keith Johnson



Internationally acclaimed confidence coach Dr. Keith Johnson has one mission: to empower leaders to succeed. In 25 years as a coach, consultant, best-selling author, and speaker on the “Three Pillars of Success: Confidence, Leadership, and Wealth,” he has done just that. He serves as chancellor of Destiny College International, a fully accredited Christian leadership school specializing in graduate degrees in leadership development. Dr. Johnson and his wife Bonnie have been married for 28 years and reside in Tampa, Florida.

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