The Common Motivator

dave martin Oct 27, 2021

People who get things done are people who are driven by something invisible. Deep within their souls there is something intangible, yet undeniable, that compels them to dig a little deeper, work a little harder, go a little farther, and give a little more. They are happy, yet never content. They are fulfilled, yet never satisfied. They are balanced, yet sold out to the one thing that provides them with a reason to get up every morning and a reason to do what other people seem unable or unwilling to do.

You know people like this. Eventually, they always rise to the top. They always become the leaders within their various spheres. They are determined, audacious, focused, and undeterred. They are self-denying, self-controlled, self-motivated, and self-disciplined because there is something that keeps them pointed in the same direction every day, no matter what happens around them and no matter what happens to them.

They are people consumed by a passion and driven by a dream that never seems to go away, that never seems to leave them alone, that never seems to fade, and that never seems to fluctuate. These are the men and women who make the world work. These are the men and women who give birth to new ideas. These are the individuals who solve the world’s biggest problems. These are the people who give us all the innovative products and services that make our lives better. These are the titans who inspire us because there is something inside them that just won’t let them be average. It burns like an eternal flame and pushes them toward a level of excellence in all areas of their lives that most people will only admire from afar.

These are the people who are set apart by personal vision. Vision is the common motivator of all those who do great things.



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