[Blog] What Got You Here Will Not Get You There

blog Mar 03, 2023


By Todd Bishop

Change is required for any business or leader to continue to innovate. Your personality may be able to grow a business to a million in revenue. However, an ability to raise up other leaders will be necessary to build that ten-million-dollar-per-year company. Style, attitude, approach, staff, and more will be needed if you want to grow to the next level. 

Here’s the reality: just when you think you have mastered your level, you will need to adjust again to reach the next level. In fact, leadership is the constant ability to adapt and grow as your organization does. Don’t be the lid to your leadership.

Where do you need to make adjustments? Every leader either adjusts or becomes irrelevant. One of the most iconic female singers of all time is Madonna. Her music spanned over three decades. Why? She made adjustments to the style and substance of her music. You may or may not agree with me, but I promise you that she has been iconic.

Here are the Ps that need to constantly change in order to get to the next level:

  • People—There may be moments when you need some new people in your life to rise higher.
  • Places—Leaders know that not every place is the right place for them.
  • Paper—A leader’s attitude toward money and actions with money will constantly need to grow.
  • Priorities—For every level of leadership, you will need to evaluate your priorities and goals.

Unleash your leadership, and grow to the next level because what got you here will not get you there! 

This article was extracted from Leadership Unleashed by Todd Bishop. If you’re subscribed to AVAIL+, this book, its study guide, and access to the AVAIL+ masterclass are part of your monthly resources. If you’re not subscribed and are interested in getting a copy of this book, visit [LINK].

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