[Blog] Battling Fatigue

blog Oct 13, 2023

By Sam Chand

In today’s world, with everything going on, leaders are fatigued. They may put on a face of confidence for their church congregation or staff, but the reality is they are tired! With so much change, it is only natural that they are fatigued from traversing the adjustments their organization has needed to make. In a world where this is the case, we must do our best to battle the existing fatigue in our lives and organizations!

The first step to this process, abruptly put, is to cut off the dead weight. Whatever programs in your church or business are dead, dying, or unredeemable need to be eliminated. In times such as these, you can’t afford to continue to sustain projects with time, resources, and effort that doesn’t give you an effective return on your investment.

Additionally, in this time of change and uncertainty, take advantage of new opportunities. Don’t be afraid of starting new programs and take advantage of the environment we are in. Opening your organization up to new possibilities has the potential to reinvigorate yourself, your staff, and your organizational leadership!

In conclusion, the reality of fatigue amidst our ever-changing world is obvious. Leaders, churches, businesses, and staff alike are battling fatigue in all aspects of the organization’s operation. Recognize this to be the case and strive to battle the existing fatigue by eliminating wasteful programs and taking new opportunities for your organization!

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